OPT Seminar

The Oxford Political Thought Seminar runs on Fridays in Michaelmas and Hilary terms, 12-1.30, in Lecture Room 6, New College. (An exception, this year, is MT Week 6, when the seminar will be same time, same place but on Thursday.)



W1 Oct 18: Katrina Forrester (Harvard)
W2 Oct 25: Shannon Stimson (Georgetown)
W3 Nov 1 Sean Fleming (Cambridge)
W4 Nov 8 Barbara Arneil (University of British Columbia)
W5 Nov 15th Ed Lucas (Oxford)
W6 *Thursday* 6 Nov 21 Angus Burgin (Johns Hopkins)
W7 Nov 29 Anne Verjus (ENS Lyon)
W8 Dec 6 Jeanne Morefield (Birmingham)

W1 Jan 24: Faridah Zaman (Oxford)
W2 Jan 31: Ainsley LeSure (Occidental)
W3 Feb 7: Mira Siegelberg (Queen Mary)
W4 Feb 14: Hagar Kotef (SOAS)
W5 Feb 21: Jill Frank (Cornell)
W6 Feb 28: Deni Kasa (Tel Aviv)
W7 Mar 6: Murad Idris (UVA)
W8 Mar 14 Peter Adamson (Carlyle lecturer)


Past OPT seminars:



Week 1, October 12th:  Signy Gutnick Allen (LSE)
Week 2, October 19th:  Michael Freeden (Oxford)
Week 3, October 26th: Adom Getachew (Chicago)
Week 4, November 2: Dan Luban (Oxford)
Week 5, November 9th: Martha Nussbaum (Chicago) **venue change: Michael Drummond Lecture Theatre, Christ Church**
Week 6, November 16th: Michael Goodhart (Pittsburgh)
Week 7, November 23rd:  Justine Lacroix  and Jean-Yves Pranchère (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Week 8, November 30th: Annabel Brett (Cambridge)


Week 1, 18 Jan: Barbara Savage (UPenn)
Week 2, 25 Jan: Mark Fisher (Georgetown)
Week 3, 1 Feb: James Harris  (St Andrews)
Week 4, 8 Feb : Shatema Threadcraft (Dartmouth)
Week 5, 15 Feb: Marius Ostrowski (Oxford)
Week 6, 22 Feb: Richard Whatmore (St Andrews)
Week 7, 1 March: Sofie Møller (Frankfurt)
Week 8, 8 March: Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins (Yale)



October 13, Week 1: ‘Before On Liberty: Samuel Bailey and the Nineteenth-Century Theory of Free Speech’ — Greg Conti (Cambridge)

October 20, Week 2: ‘Hayek’s Political Thought: Development, Problems and Heritage’ — Jeremy Shearmur (ANU)

October 27, Week 3: Discussion of Peter Ghosh, ‘Constructing Marx in the History of Ideas’ — Peter Ghosh (Oxford), David Leopold (Oxford) Marc Mulholland (Oxford), Julia Nicholls (KCL)

November 3, Week 4: ‘Alienation and Racial Hegemony’ — Sarah Bufkin (Oxford)

November 10, Week 5: ‘Thomas More’s Utopia and utopian writing in Arabic in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries’ — Peter Hill (Oxford)

November 17, Week 6: ‘Political Theory and the Dark Arts’ — Steven Smith (Yale)

November 24, Week 7: ‘History and Judgment in the thought of Hannah Arendt’ — Waseem Yaqoob (Cambridge)

December 1, Week 8:  ‘The People Trap’ — Sofia Näsström (Uppsala)


January 19, Week 1:  ‘Chains and Invisible Threads: Marx on Domination and Republican Liberty’ — Bruno Leipold (Goethe University Frankfurt / Free University of Berlin)

January 26, Week 2:  ‘Problems of socialist strategy redux’ — Madeleine Davis (Queen Mary University of London)

February 3, Week 3:  ‘Dominus before Domination: Harriet Jacobs on Property and Slavery’ — Desmond Jagmohan (Princeton)

February 9, Week 4:  ‘Constitutions before Constitutionalism: A Discussion of the Carlyle Lectures’  — Melissa Lane (Princeton)

February 16, Week 5:  <<no seminar>> 

February 23, Week 6:   << seminar cancelled — UCU strike >>

March 2, Week 7:  Thomas Hobbes and Reformed Ethics Noah Dauber (Colgate)

March 9, Week 8:  Street-Level Bureaucracy and Democratic Theory — Bernardo Zacka (Cambridge / MIT)